Friday, August 7, 2009

Seek and ye shall find

I went out last Sunday with a friend looking at open houses. We concentrated our efforts in a few areas - which ones I’m not going to tell as you for reasons you'll see - and saw some good, crappy and insanely amazing places. OK, maybe only just-off-its-meds amazing, but still impressive and oh-so-way-out-of-my-price-range.

Here's my problem: While I’ve lived in the D.C. area for four years now I freely admit I don’t know as much about the city as I’d like, especially now that I’m looking to buy a house. Right now I feel like I’m more in the “neighborhood hunting” stage than in the actual “house hunting” stage.

So, what I was wondering, is if you kind folks could help me out? Tell me about your neighborhoods or streets or areas in D.C. (actually in the city) and why I should look for a home there. What makes it good? What are the potential drawbacks?

Enlighten me.


Alice said...

i'm a virginia-er, so i gather you're not interested in MY hood ;-P

Lisa said...

Yes! Move into the city!

So, my old hood was 17th and U, and I absolutely loved it. I loved that I could walk to everything - restaurants, bars, Dupont, several metro lines, my work. I love the flavor of the area and the pretty buildings and the rowhouses that my condo overlooked. The only bad part was the parking.

Now we're near Adams Morgan, and enjoy all those things, except we're farther from metro. And I wouldn't have believed it, but parking is even worse.

Also, DC services suck in general. But I wouldn't trade living in the city.

JoLee said...

Dr. Copyright and I are currently going through the same thing. Except I can't decide to move deeper into the city or move out of city towards Suburbia, USA.

HP said...

OOh! My favorite subject!

Okay, so you asked about the areas we live in. I have opinions on a ton of areas but here's my plug for Woodley Park: It's safe, it's near the park, it's pretty and it's proximate to Cleveland Park, Dupont Circle and Admo, but isn't as crazy or crowded. It also has nice architecture.