Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rule of 3s? Law of thirds?

I've never been too much of a rule-breaker, at least not intentionally. Although I do subscribe to and try to live by the maxim of "Tis better to ask forgiveness than permission."

Gotta tell you though, whether you call it the Rule of 3s or the Law of Thirds, I intend to ignore the possibility that bad things happen in threes. You see, in the past two days both of my best friends have visited one of these:

Yeah, the hospital.

One had an MRI on his back and the other had ERCP which, upon further study, looks like the more uncomfortable of the two procedures. FTW! Seriously, owwww!

Does a blog post count as a "Get Well Soon!" card?

And since I'm a big fan of cards that make you laugh (sent my dad a "serious monkey" card for Father's Day. It had a picture of a chimp wearing a suit and glasses), here's a funny thought, and I say this with love: My friends are five weeks (ERCP boy) and seven weeks (MRI boy) younger than me. Each year they enjoy harassing me when my birthday comes first. Yes, that's very funny. Makes me think about this video a little. (Seriously, click the link, suffer through the 15 second commercial and then watch the video. It is one of the funniest and, at the same time, saddest, three-minute short films ever made. I'm not kidding.)

Of course what really got me thinking is that I'm riding my bike to work more and more these days. During a conference call yesterday with, incidentally, a co-worker of MRI boy, it came out that we're both occasional bike commuters. The comment he made, the one that got me thinking, was, "From one bike commuter to another we both know if you ride your bike to work it's not a question of if you get hit by car, but when and how bad."

You know, I never really thought about it that way before, but thanks, thanks a lot for that thought.

Anyways, best wishes to both of my best friends. Get well soon cause I look forward to many more years of harassment.


Lemon Gloria said...

Yikes. I don't like to think about this kind of stuff. I'm sorry about your friends.

magnolia said...

gaah. that is a scary thought. hope your friends get better, and be careful out there.

Liebchen said...

Yuck...I hope everything's all right for your friends. And that comment about being a bike commuter? That's exactly why I want to ride on the sidewalk.

Shannon said...

Wow - hope your guys get better soon!

FoggyDew said...

LG - The hazards of age, my friend.

mags - Careful as I can be.

Liebchen - NOOOOOOO! Don't ride on the sidewalks. Even more dangerous than the roads. At least there are rules - for the most part - on the road.

Shan - One's healing well, the jury's still out on the other, but he's scrappy.