Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things that make you go WTF?!?!?...

As I was driving home from work yesterday along the tree-lined streets of my hood, this car in front of me caught my eye.

While a Prius is not by any means a terribly unusual sight in Alexandria - Hell, there's three or four on my block alone - this one was different. Oh so very, very different.

What? You can't see it in this picture? Let me blow it up for you...(it's clickable if you want a really good view)

Do you see what I see? Yeah, that's a Prius with a Palin bumper sticker. Isn't that like matter and anti-matter? Good and evil? Intelligence and American Idol? Chocolate and peanut butter? (Oh, wait, strike that last one, I got carried away).

Shouldn't this combination cause some kind of massive conflagration as one obliterates the other? A microscopic supernova (femtonova??) in Del Ray?

Seriously? As crunchy as owning a hybrid is, and as smug and pretentious as their owners can be (some, not all), it's still a good choice for a car when it comes to lowering the carbon footprint. But then you go and ruin all that good karma by supporting a deluded, vacuous demagogue like Sarah Palin?

I weep for the future.


Titania said...

I actually think I have an explanation that may give things some consistency. I think many people have been, um, not smart enough, to buy the car since they expect the devil to take over power and make gas really expensive and unaffordable. So, they bought the car to save money in fuel. Now, what these "brilliant" minds missed is that whatever they may expect to save it already included in the price of the car (these cars are like $6,000 or more more expensive than the equivalent gas consuming vehicles). This kind of brilliant analysis I think is consistent with somebody voting for Palin.

Titania said...

(and this is apples to a bunch of people who couldn't care less about the environment, of course, just about "saving" money, albeit in expectation they won't save a dime)

Brando said...

Are you suggesting it's not likely that a smug, self-important douchebag could also support a smug, self-important charlatan for president? They seem to go hand in hand.

Vittoria said...

forget the future i weep for us!!!

Alice said...

maybe it was an ironic bumper sticker...? :\

FoggyDew said...

Titania - True, true, but that's $6k you pay for a less guilty existance.

Brandon - You do have a point.

Vittoria - Yes, but then we need to dry them off and get to work fixing the future.

Alice - We don't do irony in Alexandria. They're very serious around here.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Hedging their bets in case we can't "drill, baby, drill" fast enough to keep up with demand, maybe? Good eye. ;-)