Thursday, October 15, 2009

Double trouble

Who's got the cutest nieces in the world?

Yep, I do. Here's the evidence:

Quinn and Neve: BFFs
Somewhere, there are little 1 and 2 year old boys who have no idea their hearts will be broken somehow, some way, someday.


Liebchen said...

Absolutely adorable. Look at those eyes and cheeks!

This makes me want to babysit more.

Titania said...

I don't know about boys, but I do know an uncle whose heart has completely being stolen away!! That red hair though... that signals trouble... ;-)

FoggyDew said...

Liebchen - Babysitting: All the fun of playing with them and you get paid as well. There's probably some other things too, like actually watching them, but that's not really that important, right?

Titania - Well, it's hard not to like them. Also, it really is a trick of the lighting, but they're both blonde as can be.

JoLee said...

I think *MY* nieces are the cutest. Actually, our nieces look somewhat similar with their big blue eyes and light hair.

Sebastian said...

One on right will be inquisitive type, one on left will be zombie-TV-watching-games-player! Very cute!

FoggyDew said...

JoLee - Shall we agree they're equally cute?

Seb - I'll be sure to pass that along to my brother.