Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living with roommates

I just looked out my window here at work and saw the rain has started. It’s just a gentle rain, for the time being, but I’m wondering how it might affect my new roommate, Bob.

Bob moved in over the weekend and set up his stuff in a corner of my balcony I don’t normally use, and I’ve been just fine to live and let live. Although, I wish he’d have shown up about two months ago when he might have actually been useful.

Oh yeah, I took a picture of him yesterday just in case he went missing and I had to make a report. Here’s his good side:

Hi! My name's Bob. What's your's?

Like I said: Live and let live. I’ve pretty much got no problem with spiders. In fact, I believe spiders are our friends. As long as Bob stays out on the porch, he can hang out as long as he wants. Although, like I said, he really would have been more useful back in August when there were bugs flying around my balcony. I’m guessing one of the moths that made a habit of hanging around outside my patio door would have set him up for days and days.

But alas, I think this afternoon’s rain might drive him off to greener pastures. Perhaps a chink in the building’s mortar where he can pass the cold winter months? Or, if he’s really lucky, a door or window carelessly left open. Of course in this case his luck might only hold out long enough for him to get inside and get set up in a new web before being discovered and squished by some less enlightened soul.

Perhaps, if I can think of some way to do it safely since I don’t know what kind of spider you really are, maybe I’ll relocate you to one of the building’s stairwells. They’re little used, quiet and I’m sure you’ll find a nice cozy corner to string up your next web.

Note: I decided to look it up and it turns out Bob is a Barn Spider, a common species found in Virginia and the eastern United States. Just thought you'd like to know.


Liebchen said...

You're far nicer than I am. I may let Bob (or one of his cousins) live on my balcony (if I had one), but I draw the line at indoors.

FoggyDew said...

Liebchen - My building has 14 floors, I'd be sure to release him in the stairwell far from my apartment and on a floor much lower down. Probably more menu choices there anyway.