Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 10 - 2010 edition

Inspired by last week's comments, I put a little thought into it and came up with a new list of the Top 10 Shows in Iraq. While I don't know if they're quite as funny as the ones from last week, I think they're pretty OK. So, without further ado, to the list!

Top 10 shows in Iraq – 2010

10. Dubai Shore
9. American Idolater
8. How I Met Your Mother Even Though She Was Wearing A
7. Project Martyr (Explosive Vest and Belt episode)
6. Two And A Half Men With Two And A Half Hands Among Them
5. Osama’s Modestly Covered Anatomy
4. Steven Segal: Lawman and Target
3. 30
Arbataash Tamuz Street
2. The Big Bang Over Washington, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Cairo and Tel Aviv Theory

And the Number 1 TV show in Iraq in 2010 is:

1. Survivor – Guantanamo

As you can see, Iraqi television is also following the trend toward reality programing. Such a shame the influence Hollywood has on the world today. Please direct all comments disparaging my character and calling me names to the comments section below.


Alice said...

SNORT. i laughed out loud SEVERAL TIMES reading this. hee! i love it!

FoggyDew said...

Alice - Were you drinking milk at the time? Now that would be funny too. I was beginning to think no one thought they were funny.