Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back at it...

I finally made it into the office today. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who lives on a street that gets cleared really quick. In fact, as I was driving in this morning, the road crews were working on removing some of the giant piles of snow they'd created in their efforts to clear the roads.

Speaking of the road crews, cops, firefighters, National Guardsmen, EMS workers and everyone else who had to work during the past week to keep the rest of us safe, my hat is off to you. Thanks for everything you did and do to make the rest of our lives easier and safer.

That said, when I got into my office, I was one of two people there and the other guy left soon after I arrived. It was pretty weird to tell you the truth. Kind of like being in the beginning of my very own horror movie.

"Creak. Snap. Pop."

*Looks up* "Is anyone there???"

And that's pretty much where the movie ends since I made it home safe. Or did I...

Anyway, Tuesday I met the Disaffected Scanner Jockey downtown for some post-cabin feber* lunch. Along the way I took a picture or two. To make it even more fun I set the camera to Black & White. Not like you can tell the difference anyway with all the snow and the monochromatic nature of D.C.'s architecture.


I generally like my pictures to be all clean and neat without a lot of distractions. But the one above kinda speaks to me. There's so, so much going on in this shot.

And you thought you had a hard time getting around in the snow.

I saw the guy in the picture above twice, once just outside the Metro exit and then here about a block away. I don't know his story, but I'm guessing everything he owns is in that plastic bag he's sitting on.

Sometimes, the best pictures happen by accident. This is what happens when you're standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue trying to take a picture.

A crime scene perhaps? Could this be the aftermath of some kind of snowman/snow woman domestic dispute? Snowmacide is never a pretty thing.

What? Me ironic? Nooooooo...

This, and it's mate on the other side of the Federal Trade Commission building, are two of my favorite statues in D.C. My brother once explained the horse represents trade and the man is doing his best to restrain it.

The littlest snow man. The lady in the background was feeding the squirrels.

The waves, they're so gnarly man.

Everyone have fun at work tomorrow.

*Yes, I meant to spell it "feber." Hell, everyone else on the Web is allowed to make up words, so why not me?


Lemon Gloria said...

I like this set of pics a lot, and I like the accompanying commentary.

And yes, sigh, hauling (sloshing? slogging?) self into the office tomorrow. I have a LOT to do.

FoggyDew said...

Lisa - Thanks. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Of course, when you shoot 400+ pics, you're bound to get a couple that work. Kinda like a whole bunch of monkeys with typewriters...

Meghan said...

I love this set of pictures, and especially love thatthey're in black& white. You captured the moment perfectly and it feels as if we were there. And LOL with the snowmacide.

Alice said...

gorgeous shots, as always!! it never occurs to me to shoot in b&w. and considering how effectively the snow bleached out all the color in my shots anyway, several of them would probably benefit from actual b&w treatment...

FoggyDew said...

Meghan - Thank you, thank you. Somewhere there's a picture (I didn't take it) of snowmen protesting global warming in front of the Capitol. Someone had just the right amount of Calvin and Hobbs growing up.

Alice - I got the idea from the pictures I took back after the storm in December. They were so monochromatic I might as well have been shooting in B&W. Actually think I got better definition this way. Never hurts to try something new.