Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, snow and what, oh yeah, more freakin' snow

A day off here and there is nice, but this is getting ridiculous. And now there's another storm heading our way getting ready to deliver another foot or so of snow.

I actually found myself wondering whether or not I could make it into my office tomorrow, just for a change in scenery. It actually wouldn't be that difficult, if I hadn't switched jobs last week (contractor -> government, yep, I'm a fed now) and in the process lost my parking space. Seems my former company (about which I have nothing but good things to say, they were really good to me) leased a bunch of spots in our complex and then assigned them to employees.

The government, on the other hand, which is the largest tenant in the complex, doesn't bother (and it makes you pay for the spot to boot). This means I now take the bus to work. Not that that's a bad thing, but the bus isn't running to my office and I don't feel like paying to park so I won't be going to my office tomorrow.

Anyway, on Saturday I took a walk down my street to see what I could see. What I saw were a lot of idiots driving on the streets while the very hardworking crews were trying to clear snow while it was still snowing. My hat is off to the crews who've been working overtime to clear our roads. If you see they as you're out and about, give them a thank you, they deserve it.

That said, the snow's still pretty and here's what Columbia Pike looked like on Saturday afternoon. First up is the iconic Bob & Edith's. It was open and packed and doing land office business.

Snow, icicles and neon make for an interesting combination, don't you think?

This was around...oh, noonish. You can see the snow was still gracing us with its presence. A lot of its presence. Also, take a close look at the window in the middle with the "Diner Open 24 Hours" sign. See that?

Well, if you can't, here's a close-up. A wave and a thumbs-up. Guess I wasn't the only one taking their picture during lunch.

A little bit down the road I came across these guys. Don't get me wrong, I love riding my bike, but even I wouldn't have taken this chance.

Snow + light (heat) = icicles!

Another joint doing its best to save us from our own cooking was the South Arlington location of the Lost Dog Cafe. I didn't get it in the picture, but just to the left they'd cut a path through the snow bank to make sure folks who saw the signs could make it in the door. The turkey ruben was egg-cell-ent!

Speaking of the crews clearing the roads, this is Columbia Pike around 2 p.m. on Saturday. Not too shabby.

Of course, this is one of the side streets. It still looked pretty much like this on Monday. You know, minus the mom and kid.

Finally, proof the snow did, indeed, stop. This is about 6:30 or so Saturday evening. That was the first clear sky I'd seen in about three days.

Hopefully one of these days the snow will finally stop. I really do want to get back to work. But until then I'll be ready with the camera.


Marielle said...

I've been looking forward to pictures of the snowpocalypse from you. Thanks. Texas is chilly but not insane. Hope it stops soon.

FoggyDew said...

MB - The snow has finally stopped. Sometimes I yearn for a Gulf Coast winter. Then I remember the Gulf Coast hurricane seasons.

Candy Andy said...

Gulf Coast winter? When fluctuations in temperature can be measured on a "Hot as Hell to Tolerable" Scale there really is no much thing as winter. The only thing that makes it winter is the time of year.

As miserable as most Northerners testify that (a real) winter is I really hate residing in a swamp. Cherish your ice and snow! :)

Humidity Hating Floridian,