Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have to say it...

I gotta ask everyone this question: What the fuck is up with the whole world going nuts over Michael Jackson dying and getting planted?

Yes, he was a decent singer, but he was a singer who hadn't put out a song worth buying in more than a decade. He did nothing to change the world for the better and, basically, he was just a consumer of oxygen the rest of us could use. And he was a total nut job.

I do not understand some people's mania and worship of "stars." I can't think of a single person in movies, TV or music who's memorial service I'd go to. (Disclaimer: I once went to the memorial service for Charles Kuralt, but that was because he was a Carolina guy and it got me out of an afternoon's work painting dorms during the summer of '95.)

Also, aside from my blood relations and a small circle of friends, there isn't a single living being I'd shed one tear for if they died. I may be momentarily taken aback by the death of someone famous, or even not so famous if it's sufficiently gruesome. But, to tell you the absolute truth, if I don't know you I'm not going to lose a second's sleep over your shuffling off this mortal coil.

Hmm, maybe it's just me?


Zipcode said...

Applause!!!! The fact he still got more news coverage this weekend, then crazy North Korea firing off missiles irritates me.

Elle Dubya said...

it's embarrassing how our media is fawning over this circus. three weeks ago, if asked, most people would have said he was the biggest freak job perv around. dying doesn't change those facts. i'm annoyed. just plain annoyed by all of this.

Lemmonex said...

He is not only a strangers but not a good person. End of story.

FoggyDew said...

Zip - Yeah, but the NKs are boring.

Elle - True, but in a couple of days he'll be in the ground and all of them can get on with their pathetic lives.

Lem - If I could do the whole "two fingers pointing between our eyes thingy" in writing I would. We're seeing eye-to-eye my friend.

Alice said...

i sure don't understand why every single news channel had to live-broadcast the funeral. how about showing.. i don't know.. THE NEWS? e! and mtv can cover celeb funerals just fine, no?

cavy said...

ditto ditto ditto ditto! i love you.

FoggyDew said...

Alice - As a former newspaperman, with emphasis on the "paper" part, I've never quite understood the news judgement of TV. Has CNN fallen so far it had to cover this live?

Cavy - Ditto to you, too. Makes me feel like I'm in "Ghost."

Sebastian said...

I think it's just you... :P

Between him and his producer, Quincy Jones, he did more for the music industry than any other artist that has ever lived (or ever will live, in my opinion).

Did you not read my bit on him last week...?!

Agree, mania isn't necessary, but he should certainly be memorialised!