Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday, Tuesday, Sept. 15, was a good day. A decision on one major aspect of my life was made, and two other developments, unexpected but thoroughly pleasant nonetheless, came to pass. All this followed a wonderful late summer weekend so, basically, I guess I’m tempting the Fates with this post.

So. Be. It.

You may remember earlier this year when I wrote about losing one job only to get hired by another company, in a better position, in the same office later that very same day. To those of you unfamiliar with how the U.S. government works, this is the dealio (and yes, I know most of you reading this live either in or very near the Beltway, but there are some who don’t): Many of the folks who keep this behemoth running aren’t actually employees of the government but, rather, contractors. It’s a pretty cool gig except for one little detail: Every three-to-five years you have to rebid for the work you’re doing and convince the government you’re still the best company for the job.

As I said, earlier this year, the company I used to work for lost its re-compete for our contract and like that *snaps fingers* I and my coworkers were out on our asses. No job, no paycheck, no benefits. Nada. Simply said, it sucked big, sweaty monkey balls.

But, like I said, I fell into it and came up smelling like Buffalo wings and cheesesteaks (Hey, I’m a guy, those things are like Channel No. 5 to us). The only little detail was that the contract I moved to was up for re-bid over the summer. We worked our asses off in June and July, put together a KICK-ASS proposal, submitted it and…waited. It was kinda like the Sitzkieg of 1939-40.

Until yesterday.

The boss called us all together at 8:30 and, with a hangdog expression on his face, said, “I got the word last night and……….We won!”

There you go, I’ve got a job for the next five years. That was the big news.

Right on the heels of that meeting, I went into another with my client who told me, now that we’d won the contract, his boss was reorganizing the office. Instead of supervising four, sometimes surly, people who don’t even work for my company, they will be moving out to other positions and replaced by people from my company who will actually work for me. I believe the term is management. Seriously, after years in journalism – a generally solitary profession – this is the first time I’ll actually have people working for me since I was a 23-year-old Marine corporal.

Heady wine indeed.

And finally, speaking of wine, well, actually water, my brother called me as I was on my way home from one of the better days in the office in a very long time. Trust me, that sentence will make sense.

The result of our conversation is I’m to be Godfather to my niece, Neve, when she and her sister, Quinn, are baptized next month. Here, aren’t they cute? (Neve’s the one on the left with the drool on her chin. Awww.)

This picture’s kinda old, it was taken back in April when they were 5 months old, but they’re still the sweetest little girls.

So to ‘splain, no, there is too much, let me sum up: My contract got renewed for 5 more years, I’m actually a going to be a real manager now and my brother trusts me to not totally screw up.

Now all I have to do is keep looking up for the falling safe.


Titania said...
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Titania said...

In my hastiness I had a misplaced question mark... so, here it goes again
Those are all great news, Foggy, congratulations!! Now to the very serious question, when is the celebration?

A said...

Congratulations to've worked hard and you deserve it.

Brando said...

As Godfather, you will have much to do between granting all requests on your daughter's wedding day and putting horse's heads in people's beds.

FoggyDew said...

Titania - Time and date TBD. Funny thing is all the people I work with are all now like "Cool, now I can go out and buy this or that now that I know I have a job."

A - Thank you darlin'.

Brando - Wow, hadn't thought about any of that. Good thing I'm Irish and not Sicilian.

LiLu said...

I love those names, AND those faces, and a big, huge congrats!!!


J said...

Having trouble posting, hopefully tihs one makes it through..

Congrats! This is totally awesome news, on all fronts. Cute godkids, and again, what awesome news on the job front!

Liebchen said...

Congratulations! That's all so exciting!

And the girls are adorable; I'm sure you'll make an excellent Godfather.

FoggyDew said...

LiLu - I'm definitely going to have to put up a more recent picture. They're even cuter now.

J - Yeah, it was kinda funny to think "It's good to be going to work today."

Liebchen - Not only that, I'll be able to keep Michael Corleone in my head during the service. "Do you reject Satan?" "I do." BAM!

Kidding. Of course.

Meghan said...

Congratulations, to quote a fine man, "It's all coming up Milhouse!"

Sebastian said...

Oh they're very cute... Is that ginger hair I see...?

Well done on the 'eventualities'! (Wrong word, but the right word escapes me at the moment.) Good things come to those that try!

FoggyDew said...

Meghan - One of the most underrated characters in television history. Seriously, would Bart's antics be nearly as funny without the comic genius of Milhouse? I think not.

Seb - No ginger in those kids...although, now that you mention it, the times my brother has grown a beard it has come in rather red. Hmmmm.