Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things that suck, but in a good way (Warning: sports content)

Something special happened last night: Dook lost for the first time in the ACC/Big Ten (11)* Challenge. Up until the No. 5 Dookies ran into the unranked, but hot-shooting Badgers (who also played some stifling D as well) they were the only team to never lose in the 10 years of this kinda-sorta made for ESPN sporting event.

Even though Dook’s loss, for the first time, handed the Big Ten (11) its first-ever “win” in the challenge (six games to five), I can’t help grinning about it like the Tar Heel I am. The Heels held up their end of the deal, beating Michigan State Tuesday night for the third time in a year, including the National Championship game in April.

I’m also smiling because a guy who works for me was, yesterday, going on and on about how good Dook is and how they’re going to beat on Carolina this year. Somehow, after playing UNC Greensboro, Coastal Carolina, UNC Charlotte, Radford, Appalachian State and Connecticut (#13), Dook was ranked fifth in the nation. I could go on and on about the cake non-conference schedule they’re playing and how brutally tough the Heels’ schedule is (beat #15 Ohio, #9 MSU and playing #4 Kentucky Saturday and #2 Texas in two weeks), but I won’t.

I’ll just let this article ironically speak for itself. And, for some laughs, these two NSFW (unless you have some head phones or a door you can close) videos. In case you’ve never seen this video by Peter Rosenberg, it made the rounds a couple of years ago and, in searching for it, I discovered the sequel.

And laughed and laughed and laughed.

This is why you suck

And part deux, "Dook Fan Stan"

Go Heels!

*When the Big Ten added Penn State in 1990, the school in Happy Valley became the conference’s 11th team. The logo changed, incorporating an “11” around the “T” but the name didn’t change.

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Liebchen said...

Love the videos. A coworker of mine (a Tarheel) had shown me the first, but part two is new.

She also showed me this one (if you haven't already seen it):