Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New product alert!!

Every so often you see something that just makes you laugh. This installment of the Foggy Dew is brought to you by the good people at The Onion.

According to a Trojan press release: "No One’s Pleasure condoms feature a quarter-inch-thick layer of non-lubricated latex with a unique abrasive texture that creates a variety of stinging sensations “for both him and her.” The company statement goes on to explain that the product magnifies personal insecurities and awakens deep-seated, unresolved relationship issues that are “sure to raise passions and quicken your pulse."
To read more about this exciting new product, click here.
Just the fact they put "Extra Gritty" on the package (ha, package) makes me laugh.


Lemon Gloria said...

Hahahahahaha! Oh, this gave me a good belly laugh!

XPAT said...

Bless the onion!