Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moonset

Wednesday night a Harvest Moon rose over D.C. and I thought about going down to the Netherlands Carillon to shoot some pictures. But, as I got off my bus on the way home from work I took a look to the east and it looked a bit cloudy.

So I bagged it. I'd been out the night before and my ass was dragging a bit so I decided I'd go home, relax and get a good night sleep.

Turns out that was a good thing. I bounced out of bed Thursday morn ready to face the day. After I'd finished my breakfast and was heading to the shower I took a glance out the door and saw a the Harvest Moon setting over the Pike.

Seeing as I was running a bit ahead of schedule I grabbed the camera, tripod and remote and went out on the balcony. Score!! An orange moon on an indigo sky. The images are clickable, so if you want to see the bigger versions, go ahead and click away.

These pictures, obviously, didn't come from my balcony. They were shot two Saturday's past at the Arts on F, along the Mall and at the Hirshhorn during the Yves Klein exhibit. I was playing around with close-ups in some of them, as you can see, and others were targets of opportunity.

These images are from the frieze surrounding the Building Museum. I find the mule skinner particularly captivating.

I never knew there was a "Diana" street in D.C.

Sisters. At least I assume so.

This just kinda drew my eye.

The Klein exhibit was a display of pure color. Sadly, they didn't let you take pictures so I had to sneak some in and trust in Fate. This one turned out pretty OK.

Up or down?

Amazing what a reflection becomes.

Well, that's all for now. I'm headed down to St. Mary's County tomorrow for my little bike ride. If you haven't yet, you've still got a chance to contribute to my friend's ride next month out in California to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You know you wanna.


magnolia said...

that is some quality work indeed, my friend. especially the harvest moon shots. beautiful.

Pauline said...

Good luck in your charity ride! I hope you raise lots of money!

I love your pics, very spontaneous and cool. Did you catch Jupiter this week? It was very close to us. I missed it.:(

Liebchen said...

I love when you post photos. Very cool. The sneaky one made me think of the French flag, until I remembered that that would be backwards. But that's still one of my favorites.

FoggyDew said...

mags - I looked at the clock and almost didn't shoot them because I didn't think I had enough time. Turns out I did, and I even made my bus.

Pauline - I must have missed the gas giant. I think I heard something about it being close but, a couple years ago, when I did a road trip to south Texas to see Mars when it was close, I was horribly disappointed. It wasn't that big.

Liebchen - Yanno, it's scary, I too thought of the French flag. Perhaps the wind is just blowing from the right?

Lemon Gloria said...

I love when you post photos! I saw these in my reader but am just now getting here to comment. I love love love the moon photos. And the blocks/stairs. Very Escher.