Thursday, September 30, 2010

Status updates

As you all well know, I'm not really one for the Facebook. But a friend passed along these, somewhat old, status updates that show me just how useful this too can be.

For instance, say you've just made a stunning scientific discovery and you want to get the word out, but you're not too sure how your parish priest might feel about your endeavors. Well, you can just throw it up there and see what happens, as such:

Or, what do you do when you and your buddies throw on some wool clothes, lock yourselves in a room at the height of summer (long before air conditioning is discovered, I might add) and then decide to break it off with the mother country? What's the best way to tell the king and Parliament that while you think you should still be friends, you're going to have to see other forms of government for a few centuries? This is especially a problem when the fastest way to get the word back to Merry Ol' England is by sailing ship. Just do a status update:

And, as we all know, it can sometimes be a bit of a problem to get tickets to see the latest shows here in D.C. But, when you do get tickets to see Our American Cousin, you want all your friends to know you're taking the little lady out to see the biggest show of the year. And, because you're treating her right, you're also probably going to get laid that night.

So, I have to admit, Facebook might be useful after all.


magnolia said...

along these lines, have you ever seen slate's "barack obama's facebook news feed" thing? amazing.

Liebchen said...

I love these - and the Obama one.

God has one, too, that's pretty funny. Who needs prayer? You've got Facebook!

Lemon Gloria said...

Haha - These are so very YOU!

Giant Butters said...

Yeah, this was a good Facebook meme. For the longest time I thought FB was good for one thing only - reminding me of when I needed to wish Happy Birthday to my friends. But it has grown on me, too.

FoggyDew said...

mag - I have not, but I'm going to go look now.

Liebchen - see, wasn't the god thing done already in Bruce Almighty? I wonder if the Pope has one??

Lisa - except that I don't do the facebook thing, but yeah.

GB - Hasn't grown on me, I'm waiting for the next trend. I'll jump on that one.