Monday, October 4, 2010

Up early on Saturday morn

Just before my head hit the pillow Friday night, I told myself if I could drag myself out of bed when my clock went off at 6 the next morning, I'd try to get some pictures of the sunrise over the Mall. Well, believe it or not, I did.

To prove I was up in time to see the sunrise on a Saturday morning, I took some pictures. Come to think of it, this was the third consecutive Saturday where I saw the sunrise, the last two being due to bike rides. Going to have to sleep in one of these days. Anyway, here are the pictures of my early morning adventures.

7:02:01 a.m.
Latitude N 38° 53' 18"
Longitude W 77° 4' 3"

One of the things I was trying to do was shoot some very small apertures, and all of these were shot at f/22 the smallest available on my zoom lens. What this allows is very deep depth of field - both the Lincoln Memorial and the dome of the Capitol are in focus despite being almost three miles apart. It also let me mess with the light levels with the shutter speeds. And that was fun.

Also, if you will please notice, I now have the power of Global Positioning for my pictures. Yes, my newest toy is a GPS unit I can attach to my camera. I. Am. Man. Anyway, back to to the pictures, which I should mention all have the same location.
7:05:46 a.m.

I kinda like the way this one goes from black through the yellows and oranges, and into the azure blue of the sky all the while the Washington Monument stabs through all of the colors from the shadow.
7:07:54 a.m.

The photo below is the exact same picture as the one above...only different. Literally, it's the same exposure, I just did the brightness and contrast levels just the slightest little bit different. I usually don't mess around that way too, too much with my pictures, but I like the way this one turned out. I guess you could call it a modern-day dark room accident.

7:07:54 a.m.

7:10:12 a.m.

I kinda like the way there's just a hint of sun hitting the memorial and the Capitol. Just a hint of the day to come.

7:13:42 a.m.

And then BOOM! The sun's up and the day's begun. Then it was off to Bruegger's for an everything bagel with cream cheese and some chocolate milk. All in all, a pretty good way to start the morning.


magnolia said...

these are seriously beautiful. we really do live in an amazing city...

Pauline said...

Wonderful pictures! I particularly like the one taken at 7:07am. Such beautiful colours of blue and purple.:)

FoggyDew said...

magnolia - it does have some decent views, doesn't it? I had actually planned to go to a back country road up near Great Falls I found while riding my bike, but I didn't get up quite that early. Maybe next week.

Pauline - Why thank you. But, as I said, the sky actually looked like the picture above it, the blues and purples are all post production. Sigh.

Liebchen said...

I love these. It almost makes me want to get up early enough to see it for myself.


Also - I especially love the second 7:07 one - the "dark room" accident. With just that little bit of tweaking it almost looks like an evening shot.

FoggyDew said...

Liebchen - You're right, it does look a lot like some of my sunset shots. Yes, I have the power to reverse the spin of the earth and make the sun set in the east. Bawahahaha!

Titania said...

Great pics, Foggy!! Always nice to play with new toys. Good to hear that is the reason, I was starting to worry...

Alice said...

those are absolutely gorgeous. i'm with leibchen... ALMOST enough to make we want to get up early ;-)

FoggyDew said...

Titania - Toys are nice, although, I'm not sure what you're worrying about...

Alice - That's why I do it, so you don't have to. But it's not too, too bad every once in a while.