Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games Begin

As of an hour ago, the games of the XXIX Olympiad had begun with pomp and circumstance galore. Tune in to NBC tonight for the endless tape-delayed recap with Bob Costas.

Athletes will compete, medals will be awarded and, as sure as the Pope wears a funny hat, the Chinese are going to do something stupid. And then get their backs up when the world media call them on it...which will piss them off even more.

I don't know what's going to happen, but it's going to be fun to speculate.

The problem lies with the concept of an authoritarian government inviting the world over for two weeks and expecting them to play by the house's rules. There's something like 10,000 reporters in China. Note to the Chinese government: Reporters are individuals who, by their very nature, don't like to play by any rules but their own. The stricter the rules? The more fun they have trying to get around them. The first reporter expelled for telling a story the Chinese don't like will be a hero ... they also won't have to buy their own booze for a year.

It'll almost be a competition to see who can win the reporters' gold medal by getting booted, kicking and screaming, first. Even better than spending time in jail for refusing to give up a source.

Here's what I see happening, and it's not like I had to visit the Delphi Oracle:
  1. Sombody's going to protest something in a spectacular way in view of the media.
  2. The Chinese will commence their obligatory beat down which may or may not include said members of the media.
  3. News will happen.
  4. The Chinese will try, and fail, to control the story.
  5. World outrage will ensue.
  6. The Chinese will get even more pissed.
  7. Rinse, repeat.
Anyone else care to speculate on how it's going to go down? Chime in in the comments.


Zipcode said...

I predict half the athletes to fall over from the smog, why in the world would you host an outside sporting event in one of the smoggiest places of the land. Thats like having the Winter Olympics in Antartica.

I'm to start my olympics - laying at the beach :-)

Shannon said...

First off, why visit the Oracle at Delphi in the first place? You know she doesn't put out.

I'm with Zip - athletes will keel over from the smog, and the Chinese guvment will claim that pollution is good for you.

Zipcode said...

I am surprised Bono didn't show up over there, Al Gore of whoever is the patroller of the pollution these days is - however I can't make fun of Bono - I have a raging crush on him. Anyway - I think we should have boycotted the Olympics - human rights and all - Free Tibit, Free the Smurfs, Free Won Ton Soup - yeah being on vacation has left me silly. I will stop lowering the iq in here now.