Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Voices

One of these is not like the other, but which is which?


Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Dec. 11, 1918-Aug. 3, 2008

And, despite my loathing of the Atlanta Braves:

Skip Caray
Aug. 12, 1939-Aug. 3, 2008


Zipcode said...

I know who Skip is - related to legend Harry Caray.

How do ya feel about the Yankees?

Kevin said...

The Yankees are equally loathed...but for a different reason. Really, if you're going to buy a team, and spend a fantastic amount of money doing it, shouldn't you, you know, maybe win?

I probably get this from my dad, who grew up in NYC and was a Dodger fan.

Zipcode said...

yikes - my best friend is a die hard Mets fan - so him and I have a lot of fun poking at each other. No, I am not bandwagon person either, I used to root for the Cubs then switched mid 90's.

Everyone hates my teams, I am used to it.