Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Last night heralded the start of a new era. No, I'm not talking about the GOP's little party up in St. Paul. I'm talking about the start of the 2008 NFL season.

Hooray. The long summer of our discontent is over. And, since you're all wondering, I'm a Steeler fan. Born and bread. In fact, I think my momma used to put a little Iron in the baby bottle. Of course that could have just been to shut me up.

Anyways, The season is barely begun and my least favorite player in the league, the idiot formerly known as Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bungles is in the news again.

Apparently the league's number 1 knucklehead has gone and legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco in honor of the number 85 he wears on his jersey.

Even though it falls into the category of "If this guy worked for me he'd be fired so quickly his ass wouldn't catch up for two weeks" I'm glad also for the distraction he'll continue to cause his team. Along with the countless arrests of his teammates they'll have to answer countless questions about this limelight-seeking, attention-grabbing, me-first-and-always ass.

Well, that's two wins for the boys in the Black-and-Gold.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Steeler Fan (by birth and the grace of God,) here, here.

FoggyDew said...

I could have sworn you described yourself as a fan of another team, but it's neither here nor there. There's plenty of room under the Black-and-Gold big top.

zipcode said...

At least your not a Redskins fan :-)

My boys (the most hated in the NFL aka the Cowboys) play Sunday - woohoo