Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe? Then again, maybe not...

We see them everyday as we drive or walk or Segue around town to-and-from work or, more likely for some of you reading, bars.

Bumper stickers proudly adorning the rear windows and bumpers of our friends' and neighbors' cars. Haven't seen one on a motorcycle, though, I guess the two-wheeled crowd has more respect for their hard-earned iron.

With this being a leap year the most abundant of these mobile messages tend toward the political. One of the most popular I've seen reads "01-20-09 Bush's last day" which, I must say, is about as creative as "Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife for president."

Anyway, this picture is of one of my neighbor's cars:

It's pretty easy to figure out who they're voting for come Nov. 4. It would have been funny a few years ago to make fun of them for not only supporting democrats for national office, but they must really be a masochist to pull for the Sox.

What I found most interesting, however, is that all three of these bumper stickers (four counting the Sox sticker) are Scotch taped to the inside of the window. A close-up to show the detail of the fine taping job:

To me this shows a certain lack of commitment to the cause. Their cause, of course, not mine. The last bumper stickers I had on a car read "He's Not Here" and "Give Blood, Play Rugby." At the first bad turn in the campaign they can be removed in a fit of pique. Such weakness is not becoming in a campaign.

Or, should the McCain/Palin ticket prove victorious in November, they can be quickly ripped down to avoid "editing" by the Ministry of Truth.

I always kinda laugh when I see a Kerry-Edwards or Gore-Lieberman sticker, but at least they've shown a conviction of their ideals. Tattered Bush-Quayle or Dukakis-Bentsen stickers are just sad, however a Nixon-Agnew sticker is prudent. You never know when Tricky Dick may be back dead and buried or not.

I say if you're going to support someone don't hold back. Peel off the back of that sticker and slap the sucker on your bumper.


LivitLuvit said...

HE'S NOT! How many Blue Cups are in YOUR cupboards??

FoggyDew said...

Liv - alas, my last blue cup went the way of a dinosaur many eons ago. When I'm there for a wedding next month I'll be sure to pick some up.

I do, however, still have a cup from a little place called the Groundhog Tavern (you might know it as Good Fellows). Used to be you buy the cup you get $2 refills for life. Wonder if it would still work?

Zipcode said...

Personal fav is "I Miss Reagan"

I still have my Law Enforcement for Giuliani sticker on my vehicle .