Sunday, September 7, 2008

A simple answer

I overheard the most interesting conversation today as I was leaving my house on the way to the Teeter to restock the old pantry. 

The conversation took place inside my building's elevator among a group of my neighbors who got on at a lower floor and went something like this:

20-something-year-old girl: "I don't like riding elevators."

Somewhat disinterested parent: "Why's that honey?"

20-syog: "They make me feel sick."

The conversation ended at this point for a simple reason: These people, who all could have used a couple trips up and down the stairs, ALL GOT ON ON THE SECOND FLOOR AND RODE DOWN TO THE LOBBY!

Really, you don't like elevators because they make you sick? How 'bout using the 12 steps leading from second floor to the lobby? You wouldn't feel sick any more and, here's the added benefit, gravity is on your side. No stressing or straining.

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[F]oxymoron said...

That is up there with the, "Yeah, I want to start exercising again" ... so they say as they get on the elevator to descend a floor or two. Lazy bums.