Thursday, March 4, 2010

The shallow end of the N.C. gene pool

I generally read/glance at the headlines of a couple of newspapers Web sites every day. A couple of the papers are ones I’ve worked for, others are from places of interest in my work and the others are from places I’ve lived.

It’s this third group, as an adopted son of the Old North State, I’m going to address today. Here’s a headline I was greeted with at

"McHenry's initiative: Put Reagan on $50 bill"

Yes, yes my friends, Patrick McHenry, another Reagan-worshipping legislator has weighed in. Instead of President Ulysses S. Grant who, you know, LED THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC TO VICTORY IN THE CIVIL WAR!, McHenry would prefer our 40th president, Ronald Reagan.

Don’t get me wrong, the Great Communicator wasn’t a bad president in my opinion, and I should know. Unlike the gentleman (using this term ver, ver loosely) from the Tar Heel state (yep, two words: Tar Heel), I was able to read when Ronnie was elected in 1980.

Reagan’s presidency lasted from years 5 through 13 of the 34-year-old McHenry’s life. So it may be understandable, although not really since he's a fucking U.S. representative, that he wouldn’t know that while Reagan was a good president, he doesn’t come close to being a great president. Grant wasn’t a great president either, but he was a much, much more important figure in American history.

In McHenry’s own words: “Every generation needs its own heroes. One decade into the 21st century, it’s time to honor the last great president of the 20th and give President Reagan a place beside Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy.”


The N&O points out: “President Franklin Roosevelt’s likeness is on the dime, and President John F. Kennedy’s is on the half-dollar.” I feel I should point out that both of the presidents he mentions here died in office, so Reagan does have that in common with them. Oh, wait a minute. I meant their brains stopped functioning in office, so that’s the common factor. (Also, strangely, they’re both democrats).

Basically, the guy’s too stupid to pull the names Jackson ($20) and Franklin ($100, and not a president Rep. McHenry in case you’re reading) off the top of his head.

Among things named Reagan are a building, aircraft carrier and an airport. I don’t think we need to slap his face on the fifty.

The genetic wading pool is warm for a reason
Another of North Carolina’s mentally challenged reps, Tim D’Annunzio, has laid out a platform that calls for abolishing much of the federal government. According to the N&O: The plan states, in part: "Abolish the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Energy, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Transportation, Treasury, and Home Land [sic] Security. Any duties remaining that are Constitutional should be rolled into other Departments.”

I was all set to mock him, and then I found his blog. So, so much material here that I can’t go on. I only took a glance, but I’ve gotta read through it to do it justice.

But here’s a preview from D’Annunzio’s blog, “I don’t just hope the Obama fails, I pray many times a day for it.”

Classy dude. Pray for the failure of the president. And you call yourself an American.

I can’t wait. I’m feeling my political mojo returning.


Brando said...

Whether Reagan deserved being put on the $50 I won't address--the jury's still out on whether he hastened the end of the Cold War or was just lucky enough to preside over its wind-down--but I'd have to disagree on Grant. Grant was an excellent general (certainly compared to his other Union contemporaries, like Pope, Hooker, McClellan) but as a president he was a failure. His administration was one of the most corrupt in history, even though he personally wasn't a corrupt man. That would certainly have to be balanced against his military exploits. Perhaps Eisenhower should be promoted (I know he's on some coin, I just don't remember which). Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis has to be balanced against his botching of Bay of Pigs, and starting Vietnam--I'd sooner see LBJ on the half dollar (for at least passing Civil Rights legislation).

And I'm a bit surprised neither you nor the Tar Heel you're criticizing has suggested James Polk, your native son!

Liebchen said...

"But here’s a preview from D’Annunzio’s blog, “I don’t just hope the Obama fails, I pray many times a day for it.”"

Seriously? Agreeing and disagreeing is one thing, but that's just ridiculous. And, frankly, uncalled for.

FoggyDew said...

Brando - I believe I wrote "...Grant wasn’t a great president either..." mainly because his administration was so corrupt. Still, as much as Lincoln, Grant saved the Union and doesn't deserve to be displaced. And Polk can go screw.

Liebchen - See, see, that's why I'm going to have so much fun with this guy. He'll be like a blog material generator. Have to find one of the idiots on the left as a balance. Also, "the Obama"? Just bad grammar.

Brando said...

I've never heard anyone have such a harsh opinion of Polk before! Especially a tar heel!

Had Grant never gone into politics (as his colleague William Sherman refused to) I'd probably agree with you. But being the 19th Century equivalent of the Harding and Nixon administrations sort of tarnished it in my view.

Considering Reagan's budgets, perhaps they could put his picture on all promissory notes.

Joaquin said...

I'm not that concerned about the $50 bill.
It's the trillion dollar bill that worries me. You?

Alex said...

While we're at it -- Reagan's name should be removed from Washington National Airport. It was affixed to the airport's name by Congress in the 1990s over the objections of the region. One of Reagan's first acts as president was to fire the entire membership of the Air Traffic Controller's union, and to refuse to ever rehire them -- that name is a huge slap in the face.

FoggyDew said...

Brando - I like it. Slap him on the T-bills.

Joaquin - More like $12 trillion bill. Can we just print one and let everyone fight over it? Would Wal-Mart change it?

Alex - Truthfully speaking, the air traffic controllers were breaking the law, they were federal employees and not allowed to strike. And, no matter what the name on the sign, most of the people I know call it either National or DCA.

dcpeg said...

Frankly, I've had more of Ronald Reagan than I can stomach!! He's had way more honors than he deserved - NO MORE!!

National Airport needs its original name back -- the guy fired all the air traffic controllers for pete's sake!

That monolith on Penn. Ave. with his name on it is quite enough of a reminder, if you ask me.

To put that movie actor's (???) name on our money -- OMG!!