Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Stillers!!

Turns out Michael Hayden, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is a homie and fellow Pittsburgh Steeler fan. (Or, as we say back home in the 'Burgh: "Stillers.")

Anyway, he did an interview with the Post, but here is one of the funnier parts. When talking about going to Pittsburgh for games:

"He won't reveal how many CIA security personnel accompany him to Heinz Field, where 'every seat is a good seat, unlike FedEx.' But he acknowledges Pittsburgh is a more popular trip for his personal detail than, say, Dubai.

'It seems as if they think Pittsburgh is a very threatening environment,' he said. 'Because it seems I have a larger footprint going to Steeler games than I do going to some hostile countries in the world.' "

Go Steelers! Beat them 'Skins!


LiLu said...

I miss baseball already.

FoggyDew said...

Eh, don't worry LiLu, pitchers and catchers report in about four or so months. Baseball season is almost upon us as we speak.