Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks or TMI?

I was trying to decide if I wanted to go with something TMIy today or, in the spirit of the holiday tomorrow, be thankful for something, anything. And, I figured, since I have to come to work on Friday I'll save the TMI until then to entertain y'all.

Lessee, what am I thankful for?

Family. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to family, gains have exceeded losses. Considering the fact I and both of my brothers were Marines, that's saying something. Also, come next month, there'll be two new additions to the family unit when my brother and his wife welcome children three and four (girls two and three).

Friends. I'm lucky enough to have not one, but two best friends: the Doc and the Director. I've known them each 25 years now and really don't remember when my life didn't include them. Add in my friends from college (in order of acquaintance): Sarita, Anderson, Liz, Lawyerman and Disaffected Scanner Jockey and that makes me kinda like Lou Gehrig.

Other things I'm Thankful For:

I've loved and lost and loved again (and lost, again) You can't have the sweet without the salt.

I'm employed.

I have two invites to dinner tomorrow night.

Psycho T came back for his senior year.


I live in a city with great (free) museums.

My Williams-Sonoma rolling pin.

I don't have to drive on 95 tonight.

Random, stream of consciousness blog posts.

Those little things holding the ends of your shoelaces together so they go through the holes.

The coming Festivus season.

Sundresses in the spring and skimpy tank tops in the summer (to look at, not to wear).

Turkey. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce.

The hope of better days to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Lemmonex said...

Cranberry sauce from the can, I hope. You know we have to keep it classy.

So glad to have come to know you...

FoggyDew said...

Lem - From the can or the really, really great and simple recipe for fresh I found a couple years ago. Both work equally as well, although...

The can will always invoke memories of my childhood thereby giving it a place of primacy in my pantheon of food. Damn, couldn't come up with a "p" word for food. Oh well.

And I am all the richer for having a new friend. Thanks.

Shannon said...

The shoelace things are called aglets. And you're welcome.

FoggyDew said...

Shannon - my knowledge has increased. Thank you. No, really, Thank you.