Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey, buddy, line forms back here

I got caught up a little short yesterday while I as in the Ballston Teeter. I'd run in to grab some milk so my Cocoa Pebbles would have some company this morning, and ended up getting the milk and some strawberries that were on sale.

On the drive from my office to the store I'd become extraordinarily annoyed at...well, just about every action of my fellow men and the inability of the universe to bend them to my will.

The exceedingly long stop light outside my parking garage? Annoyed with it every day.
Pedestrians crossing against the lights? Get the hell back on the corner.
Drivers not letting pedestrians cross with the light? Morons.
The complete idiot I watched spend two minutes trying to get the cart to stay on the embankment in front of his car (and mine too, by the way) when he could have just walked it into the store in half the time? Well, I can't really publish what I thought of him. (Jackass.)

Anyway, after a quick swing through produce and dairy, I headed to the self-check out lanes and, to my astonishment, there was one open. So, with complete tunnel vision, I walked right up to it to do my shopping business. Sweet!

I was just about to swipe my VIC card when, from behind me, I heard a voice say, "Uh, sir, the line's back here." I turned to see four guys, all with nothing much more exciting than my strawberries and milk, staring at me like a barbarian Hun headed toward Rome.

Oppps. Yeah, my bad.

I usually do my shopping on weekends and stock up for the week so I have limited experience with the self-serve lanes at my local Teeter.

As I hung my head in shame and slunk to the end of the line (which grew by one as I was slinking), I was reminded of my previous grievances against humanity.

All were forgiven at that point...except the idiot with the shopping cart. In the spirit of the season, it's the wicker man for him.


Arjewtino said...

There's nothing worse than being indignant about people's stupidity shortly before realizing you have acted like "that guy".

FoggyDew said...

"That guy" thy name is Foggy (at least yesterday at the Teet).

LivitLuvit said...

I get SO angry when people aren't conscientious about where they're walking (and what might be IN FRONT of them... ie ME...)

Hence, there is nothing worse than the time in a blue moon when I find myself chatting away on a busy corner, forcing others to funnel around me. HOWEVER, at least I have the presence of mind to be mortified and apologetic.

FoggyDew said...

Liv - Do you just apologize? Or do you move as well as being mortified?

You do, however, get points for being cute.