Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe's friends

It seems Senator McCain has been spending way too much time around Governor Palin, he's now almost too painful to listen to.

I'd gotten used to hearing "My friends this" and "My friends that." I'd even learned to tune it out.

But if I hear about Joe the Plumber one more friggin' time my ear's are going to start bleeding. Do not simplify things Senator. You're insulting my intelligence and the intelligence of most of America.

It's going into the 11th round and Senator Obama is up on my score card. He hasn't said anything earth-shattering, but he's counter-punched well. Also, he hasn't annoyed me nearly as much as McCain.


zipcode said...

I am actually voting for Nadar now - its completely shocking me........

sigh wish Giuliani could have made it.

I do find it pretty interesting a former Marine is voting for Obama -fascinating - I do not trust that man with the nuclear codes at all.

FoggyDew said...

Zip - I don't believe I've ever said who I'm voting for. I have merely written about my honest observations of both candidates' performances to this point in the campaign. It's not my fault one's doing better than the other.

Oh, and PS, the Marine Corps is not a homogeneous voting block. The first thing we learn is to think for ourselves.