Saturday, February 7, 2009

Going to the Mall

Last Friday I think it was, I'd written about my first week running. It had gone pretty well and, as much as I told my friend The Doc in our conversation Tuesday that I "fucking hate running," I was looking forward to running this past week. 

I went out Tuesday and, except for a slight wardrobe malfunction at the beginning (my shorts were falling off my ass), my little 2-mile clock-wise loop went pretty well. I'd run further than I had before and, for the first time, my calves didn't bother me too much.

Today I'm going out to do something I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. I'm going running on the Mall. Since I moved here three years ago (Oh, yeah, yesterday was my three-year anniversary of living in D.C. Hooray!) running on the Mall has been something I've wanted to do, but hated running too much to bother.

Hopefully, I'll be back to do it again. 

Next up: Running up Capitol Hill. It may not seem like much of a hill, but it's friggin' Everest to me, running-wise.

Well, I'm off for my slow, short-loop around the America's Front Yard. 

Post Game:
Well, I made it back alive and relatively unscathed. Knees hurt a bit, but that's about par for the course. I ended up running from 4th Street down to the Washington Monument and back. I ran all the way down and most of the way back. Hopefully, next week or so, I'll be able to go further. 

Forgot to mention this earlier: This past week I ran on Tuesday and felt even better that day than in the days previous. I had intended to run on Thursday as well but, there's always a but and mine's generally larger than others, as I walked in from my car after work and froze my butt off on that little jaunt, I made an executive decision. It was too damn cold to run so I skipped it. But not without a little guilt. 

A very little guilt.


Lisa said...

I like the loop around the mall. And today is going to warm up to gorgeous. Good with you for persevering, shorts staying up or no! And happy anniversary!

Fearless in Toronto said...

Go, Foggy, GO!

FoggyDew said...

Lisa - Today was indeed a lovely day for a run around the Mall. Or at least that section of the mall I decided to run around (4th Street to the Washington Monument and back).

Fearless - More like "Run, Foggy, Run!"

LiLu said...

Your rainbow's so pretty! And not diarrhea-y. Hmm.

Good job on the running, dear!