Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Nuff Said

Somehow, the Dook Chronicle doesn't look so bad in this lighter, more heavenly shade of blue. Don't ya think?

The shift in hues is due to an ongoing and long-standing bet between The Daily Tar Heel and the Chronicle. The day after the game the loser prints its banner in the winner's color, includes a headline of the winner's choice and the losing editor personally delivers 100 copies to the winner's office.

In today's paper, the requested headline shows up today in the little box in the bottom left corner. It's a little hard to read in the picture above, so I blew it up here for your ease of reading:

They've gotten better about losing. When I was at Carolina we'd make them print "Dean Smith is God" and in the weather section they'd give the daily temps as such: "High of 54, low of 35, Carolina sucks shit through a tube."

I gotta say though, I kinda enjoyed that high level of animosity back in the day. Seems to me, the Dookies are getting so used to losing to Carolina they decided denial (rather than acceptance) is the best course of action.

Whatever helps you get through the day.


Lisa said...

That is graceful. As I recall, Duke was evil when I was there - which I think we decided was right before you, no?

FoggyDew said...

Lisa - You are correct, mommy-to-be, on both counts. Although, Dook is, was and always will be evil. I don't know if I'd allow a child of mine to go there, even on a full scholarship. I just couldn't bear the shame.

LiLu said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY Go Heels! What an awesome game. Victory is so, so sweet.

Prettynikki said...

The editor-in-chief only has to bring 30 copies to the office now.

FoggyDew said...

LiLu - One of the best I've ever seen (aside from the two national championships). We have to get together for the next game at the end of the month.

Prettynikki - Welcome. The question is, has the Chronicle's eic dropped those 30 copies by the DTH's office yet? Next year, I say bring it back to its historic level of 100, just for old time's sake.

LBluca77 said...

Wait what "gossip sites raise thorny ethical issues" If it was not for gossip sites I would never read.

FoggyDew said...

LBluca - Yeah, that's obviously the most important article on the front page. But, if you have to know:

Apparently the Dookies had their own campus gossip site...and it shut down. So sad. Just like their basketball team.